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Introduction and Mission

Ever increasing oil prices, the approaching depletion of fossil fuels and the need to drastically reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions  make the need for alternative energy resources evident.

Established in 2004 Retech Energy focuses on the supply of Renewable Energy Technologies.

Thailand still depends to a large extent on imported fossil fuels but, has realized that domestic renewable energy sources are readily available. Retech Energy wishes to join all ongoing efforts to establish such sustainable programs.

Together with a network of worldwidely  accredited technology suppliers and our ability to source essential information of resources and policies from local government agencies, institutions and industries, Retech Energy offers professional assistance to the growing number of technology supplies and investors in this sector.

The management of Retech Energy has lived and worked in Thailand  for more than three decades and is well aware of the industrial and social environment. Besides playing an active role in the development of programs and business ventures. Retech Energy can offer project development, turn-key plants, manage engineering services, local fabrication and other key support services in the field of finance and CDM emission trading.

Retech Energy
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