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Type-E (Enclosure)

5m wide


Type-C (Container)

4m wide

Together with our partner in Germany GtP, Retech Energy has developed a perfect Gen-Set housing system as an either stationary enclosure concept (PowerBox-E) or a mobile container concept (PowerBox-C)

Both systems offer a professional solution to avoid complicated construction of a concrete powerhouse which usually does not include equipment needed for engine operation.



Advantages of the PowerBox concept:

  • Modular & Expandable Construction suitable for any engine brand
  • Heat and soundproof sandwich panels for outer shell
  • Comfortable space around the engine for maintenance & service
  • Integrated professional air venting system
    (Follows installation guidelines from engine suppliers)
  • Separate air-conditioned control room
  • Suitable for co- and trigeneration systems
  • Pre-engineered connection to gas train and transformer
  • Sufficient door sizing for easy installation and exchange of engine and components
  • Pre-installed lighting, gas and smoke detector connected to engine safety chain
  • Oil station for easy and clean handling of fresh and used engine oil
  • Auxiliary panel for all necessary functions
  • Radiators for engine cooling designed for hot tropical countries (45 Co !!)
  • Separate  V-Type radiator for warm and hot temperature cycle
  • Free consultancy for engine ordering scope

PowerBox E

5 mtr wide as Enclosure

Fast and clean construction and installation on site by our expert teams


 PowerBox C

4 mtr wide as Container

Mobile and delivered to site as a “Plug ‘n Play” solution


PowerBox E




PowerBox C