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Thailand is one of the most progressive countries for energy sources in Asia. At the centre of it is ASEAN Sustainable Energy Week 2019 which will provide unbeatable regional business platforms and meeting points for manufacturers to showcase their latest technology to buyers and policy makers in the region. ASE 2019 is a combination of four unique events.


Technology Partnership with

Due to popular demand, Retech Energy has added Solar Power Generation (PV) to its product portfolio. Retech Energy with its particular coverage of various industries focusses here mostly on Roof Top installation as a standalone option as well as a Hybrid system in connection with biogas or natural gas scenarios. All scenarios such as Peak Load Shaving increase of self-consumption, emergency power or even off-grid power supply together with adequate Energy Storage Systems (ESS) can be designed.

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palmex 2018

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The Maritime Park & Spa Resort Krabi, Thailand
PALMEX THAILAND is the only specialized Palm Oil event in Thailand that brings together an international congregation of both upstream and downstream palm oilcompanies and also its supporting industries gathered in the major palm oil producing city of Krabi, Thailand to showcase the latest developments in the palm oil industry. Retech Energy will participate together with it's partners.


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Together with our partner in Germany GtP, Retech Energy has developed a perfect Gen-Set housing system as an either stationary enclosure concept (PowerBox-E) or a mobile container concept (PowerBox-C).

Both systems offer a professional solution to avoid complicated construction of a concrete powerhouse which usually does not include equipment needed for engine operation.

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